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Overview of Driving While Impaired According to the Criminal Code of Canada

Overview of Driving While Impaired According to the Criminal Code of Canada

A person charged with impaired driving in Canada needs to take a proactive stance to protect his or her rights and interests. This includes reaching out to a reputable, reliable impaired driving lawyer.

Sanctions for Impaired Driving in Canada

The possible sanctions that can be imposed upon a conviction for impaired driving in Canada are significant. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, a person convicted of impaired driving can lose a driver’s licence. In addition, the driver’s motor vehicle can be impounded.

In the aftermath of a driving while impaired conviction, a person may need to pay an administrative penalty. A person is likely yo be required to attend an alcohol education or treatment program, depending on the circumstances of the arrest and a person’s history.

Oftentimes, a person will be required to install an ignition interlock device in his or her motor vehicle. This is a device that analyzes a person’s blood alcohol content before he or she is able to start the car.

If a person is convicted, he or she faces the prospect of being ordered by the court to pay a fine. Finally, and most significantly a person can face jail time if convicted of driving while impaired.

Impaired driving sanctions in Canada are progressive. What that means is that if a person is charged with more than one case of driving while impaired, he or she will face even stiffer penalties that potentially can be imposed in the case of a first-time charge. This includes extended periods of jail time and higher financial penalties with successive impaired driving cases.

Preparing to Meet an Impaired Driving Lawyer

Scheduling an initial consultation is the first step in retaining an impaired driving lawyer calgary. At an initial consultation, an attorney makes a preliminary evaluation of an impaired driving case. A discussion of possible defense strategies occurs. As a general rule, there is no charge for an initial consultation with a lawyer in an impaired driving case.

Before the meeting, it is important that the person charged with impaired driving gather and organize all relevant paperwork. The attorney is going to want to review these during the initial appointment.

A person preparing for an initial consultation will also want to write down a list of questions. Committing questions to memory is all well and good. However, people tend to forget questions when they actually arrive to an initial consultation with legal counsel.

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