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How an Impaired Driving Lawyer May Defend You

How an Impaired Driving Lawyer May Defend You

Many people who are facing legal challenges because of impaired driving charges may feel as though they have little to no chance of getting their charges dropped or reduced. One reason for this is because you may know that you are guilty as charged. Because of this, many fail to hire an impaired driving lawyer to represent and defend them. After all, there are costs associated with hiring a lawyer, and you may believe that you are already dealing with enough costs because of potential fines and other issues. The reality is that an impaired driving lawyer can use a wide range of tactics and strategies to defend you even if you are guilty, so your circumstances may not actually be as bleak as they seem.

The Violation of Your Rights
One of the first steps an impaired driving lawyer Calgary will take to defend you is to review the circumstances of the case. Through a thorough analysis of the facts, he or she can better determine if your rights were violated. In cases where rights were violated, all charges may be dropped against you. This may make a seemingly impossible case to win turn into a non-issue.

The Fairness of the Tests Used to Prove an Impaired State
There are many tests that law enforcement officers use to determine if a driver is impaired. For example, reciting the alphabet backward, touching your finger to your nose repeatedly with both hands and walking toe to heel in a straight line are some of the most common tests used. However, some people may have ongoing physical health conditions or mental issues that may prevent them from completing these tests successfully even in the best conditions. In some cases, weather conditions may be at play. With many issues impacting the fairness of the tests, it is clear to see that your attorney may create doubt about your impairment status that could result in reduced or dropped charges.

Known Issues With Intoxication Analysis Equipment
Some people who were arrested because of alleged drug or alcohol intoxication may have received a breathalyzer test or a blood test. Some of the tests currently in use by some law enforcement agencies are known to create errors. This means that their results cannot always be admitted in court or may easily be shown to be erroneous.

When you are facing impaired driving charges, it is easy to feel like all hope is lost and that a guilty conviction will result. However, you can see that a skilled, experienced impaired driving lawyer Calgary understands different strategies that can be employed to help you win your case. A smart idea is to consult with an attorney about your case to learn more about your options.

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