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Five Things a Personal Injury Settlement Covers

Five Things a Personal Injury Settlement Covers

You should see a personal injury lawyer if you were involved in any type of accident that you think someone else caused by neglect. A huge settlement may be available, and it can provide you with reimbursement or compensation in these five areas:

1. Medical Bills

The funds that you get from a personal injury settlement will cover all of your medical bills. That includes your hospital stay, your medications, X-rays, cast, crutches and so on. If you win the case, you will not have to worry about paying those expenses. Your Toronto personal injury lawyer will add up all of the costs that have to do with the incident, and he will ask for an award for you of the total of that amount. When you visit the lawyer, you just have to make sure that you bring all of the documents that show your expenses.

2. Recovery-Related Therapy

You may have to see some sort of specialist for therapy after your incident. This may be a physical therapist or a psychological specialist. The funds from the settlement will pay for those bills, as well.

3. Missed Work Wages

The wages that you lose when you cannot get to work can be massive. They can cause to get into a late rental payment situation or worse. Fortunately, the judge will take all of that into the account because your attorney will bring it to his or her attention. You are entitled to compensation for that. Again, just makes sure that you have the documentation that shows the exact amount that you spent.

4. Automobile Repairs

If you were in an automobile accident, the funds can pay for the repairs that you will need for your car. of course, you can still go through your insurance company, but there’s no deductible that you have to pay for a personal injury settlement.

5. Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering money is an additional monetary benefit that you may get if the other party’s actions were extremely neglectful. First, the judge has to award you the compensatory damages. If he does that, then you will be eligible for the second set of damages, which are called punitive damages because they are somewhat a punishment for extreme neglect.

The funds from a personal injury case may indirectly pay for things like your apartment rental, your electric bill, your car note and so on. You will be taken care of in many ways if you win this. Therefore, you must take the appropriate action.

Many personal injury attorneys offer contingency representation, which means that you may not have to worry about paying for representation right away. The lawyer’s fees will come from your settlement proceeds. Schedule an appointment today to discuss it further with a specialist.

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