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5 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

5 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

After you have been involved in a personal accident, it’s important to seek justice. Contacting a personal injury lawyer is a critical step. It’s important to choose the right lawyer, which means asking a few questions.

1. What kind of personal injuries do you represent?

Not all Toronto personal injury lawyers represent the same type of cases. Some focus on car accidents while others focus on dog bites or slip and falls. You want to make sure you choose a lawyer who has experience representing the type of case that you have. It will result in a greater level of knowledge regarding the laws as well as how to represent your case.

2. How many cases do you take at a time?

It’s important to find out how many cases a lawyer might take at a time. You don’t want to be just another number. The case load of a lawyer will tell you a lot about how much time they are able to dedicate to your case.

3. Do you perform your own investigation?

Some lawyers use the information that is presented to them in accident reports. Others choose to perform their own investigation. When you are looking to seek justice for what happened, you want to make sure that a lawyer is going to fight hard for your case. When they do their own investigations, it will often uncover more information that will be valuable inside the courtroom.

4. What is the cost for legal representation?

You should always find out what the cost for legal representation is going to be. Many law firms have their own price breakdowns. In the case of personal injury law, many lawyers will take a percentage of the financial settlement that is obtained. It ensures that they work harder to try to get a positive outcome in the court room for you.

5. Do you offer consultations?

It’s important to book a consultation with a personal injury law firm. It will give you the chance to meet the person who is going to represent you. You can ask questions and get familiar with who they are. When you feel more comfortable, it will be easier to open up about what happened.

After you have asked these questions of several lawyers, it will be easier to determine who is best qualified to represent your case. You only get one chance at a lawsuit, so you want to make sure that the lawyer is capable of doing all that they can.

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